Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Crazy World Of Hollywood Dating...

Dlisted said it right, what the f**k?! John Mayer was supposed to be dating Mandy Moore even though she denies it. Now he's dating Cameron Diaz. I can't keep up! I thought she was dating what's his name or face or whatever. A source tells Us Weekly that the two were spotted out in NYC last night "canoodling" and shit. "They went out to several places...It was the two of them, getting to know each other, out on the town. This was technically not their first time hanging out...they've hung out together with friends before. But this was the first time together like this. It's new and developing...but they really like each other and it went well." Reps for both would not comment. Soon Jessica Simpson will be dating Justin Timberlake then Scarlett Johansson will be dating John Mayer then Jessica Biel will be dating Nick Lachey and then Jessica will be dating Jessica. Hollywood, slow down, I can’t post fast enough!


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