Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Britney Backs Out Of Work?!

Timbaland had his Virginia Beach studio all set and Justin Timberlake was on board, but where was Britney Spears? Page Six reports that Jive, her record label, got the shock of their lives when Brit backed out from recording a duet with her old boyfriend, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. The studio felt that with Justin and Timbaland, this could be her big comeback. Brit didn't see it that way. Justin wrote the song just for her. All Brit had to do was fly to Virginia Beach and record her part. Justin would record his part later in a different studio. A source said, "She's looking for a comeback, and this would have not only been a huge hit, but something she could have opened the MTV Video Awards with and really blown everyone away."

"Listen, everyone is worried. In her mind, her album is done and she's done enough work . . . She's an easy target right now, because she's . . . sick. People like her are sick. It's like an anorexic who's sick in the head and needs help. She needs help. It's sad because what she's got - and we've heard it's like bipolar disorder - can easily be treated with medication, but she won't do it." There's rumors that Brit won't perform at the VMAs and Justin and Madonna will take her place instead. A label source said that Jive is sticking by her even though they are disappointed with her decision not to record with Justin and Timbaland. Britney is beyond bi-polar.! She has lost it or her is just being a bitch. What the hell is in the Cheetos? I'm surprised Justin wanted to record with that mess! I would think even Joey Fatone would turn her ass down for a duet.


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