Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Truth About The Girls Next Door

So do Bridget and Kendra have sex with Hef too? On the show it doesn’t look like they do because all we see are little kisses on the cheeks. We don’t even see any make out sessions, but Bridget is insisting that Hef does it with all three of them. Also, it’s no surprise that Hugh’s main chick , Holly Madison wants to have a baby with Hef really badly. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen until the other two are out and their show is done. Bridget told the NY Daily News that Holly "does want to have Hef's babies, but I think she wants to wait until we're done shooting [The Girls Next Door reality show], and Kendra and I aren't there anymore. She wants to have a normal environment."

When asked about the rumors that Holly is pregnant because she hasn’t been drinking, Bridget responded, "Oh, that's not true!" "Holly got wasted in Monte Carlo! We had a giant margarita glass in the middle of our table full of four bottles of booze, and we were all drinking." So what did we learn today? Holly wants Bridget and Kendra out and they both know it, Hef has sex with all three of them but doesn’t want to have kids with Holly, and Holly isn’t pregnant. And that is the way it stands for now.


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