Friday, July 27, 2007

Paris Puts House Up For Sale

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Paris Hilton has put her house on the market for a whopping $4,250,000. Paris purchased the house on N. Kings Road in West Hollywood in 2004 for a reported price of about $2,900,000, presumably with money she earned from The Simple Life. Paris is currently shacked up at an ocean front rental on Malibu Road inin Malibu of course. In the Wall Street Journal report, Paris’ aunt and unofficial spokesperson talked about how she wants to move to a gated community, or at least a house with a long driveway, that will provide her more privacy and security than her current house, which sits right up on the street. The Kings Road house was built with four bedrooms, but the report says that one of the bedrooms was converted to a large walk in closet and a second bedroom was converted to a security control room. My guess is that it is a safe room or a room with a lot of close circuit television monitors to watch the property. So Paris’ soon to be former neighbors can rejoyce that she will be leaving them to peace.


Here is an aerial shot of the home of N. Kings Road: