Monday, July 30, 2007

Britney And Kevin Are Officially Divoriced!

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will officially divorce today. Britney’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, and K-Fed's mouthpiece, Mark Vincent Kaplan, walked into court -- final papers in hand -- to get a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to sign-off on the settlement, making the divorce was told Wasser will make a motion to keep the custody and spousal support orders secret. Here's what TMZ knows: K-Fed is pulling in 15K a month from Britney for child support. He's also getting 20 grand a month in spousal support, but that's based on the prenup, and it appears the alimony gravy train will come to a screeching halt in November.

As for custody, TMZ learned it will stay at 50/50. It is amazing that Britney is getting a 50/50 custody split given her craziness, which included wild partying, erratic behavior and a stint in rehab. This type of custody arrangement is typically reserved for a stable couple. But all is not over! TMZ says neither Brit nor Fed-Ex are happy with the custody arrangement, and either of them can go back to court and ask for a change. On top of that, Kevin won't even speak to Britney, so they will probably be back in court asking the judge to make decisions about child rearing. So that is end of Kevin and Britney, but not the end of custody problems I am sure.


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