Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Britney Does Something To Protect Her Kids!

Britney Spears and her lawyer Laura Wasser have requested and were granted a seal on the child custody portion of her and now ex-husband Kevin Federline’s divorce agreement, to protect her children from potential kidnappers and other dangers. “Wasser, in a declaration to the judge, asked for this because Britney fears that if details of the specific timeshare schedule and transportation matters become public knowledge, it could put her boys Sean Preston and Jayden James at danger. Criminals … might target the minor children for financial gain.” Way to go Britney, finally you do something for those boys that is right!

Source: ImNotObessed.com

Stars Out And About: Celebrity Babies Edition

Brooke Burke and fiance, David Charvet brought daughter, Heaven Rain, 6 months, to a fundraiser for terminally ill children this past weekend.

David Arquette and daughter, Coco Riley, 3, went grocery shopping on Sunday without mom, Courteney Cox. Coco is such a cutie!

Gwen Stefani and her 14-month-old son, Kingston Rossdale were spotted at the airport in Sydney, Austraila on Sunday. Check out that hair, he is a chip of the old block.

Victoria "Posh" Beckham took her boys, Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, 2, to family day for their days soccer team. The day was at the Home Depot Center in Carson California on Sunday and is the family's first one with this team.

GMA Anchor Has Breast Cancer

Robin Roberts, co-anchor of Good Morning America, announced on the ABC program Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer. Roberts told viewers, "I didn't want you to hear it from anyone else. ... I have breast cancer, as my family here [at ABC] knows, and my family at home knows. And I'm very, very blessed and thankful that I found it early."

Roberts said she discovered a lump in her breast during a routine self-examination earlier this month – ironically the same day GMA aired a tribute to Joel Siegel, the program's film critic, who died of colon cancer in June. An initial surgery is scheduled for this Friday, she said. After that, Roberts will begin treatment and "move forward, as millions of people do when they hear this." Roberts said she will continue working at GMA while she receives treatment, and asked viewers to be kind to her on the show's Internet message boards if she has a bad day now and then.

Roberts, a native of Louisiana, got into broadcasting while a student at Southeastern Louisiana University, where she was also a standout basketball player. She has been co-anchor on Good Morning America since May of 2005.

Source: People.com

Star Of Little People, Big World Gets DUI

The pint-sized pop on the TLC reality show "Little People, Big World" has been hiding a pretty big secret -- he was busted for DUI last month. According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office Matthew Roloff was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants, around midnight on June 19 after cops claim that Roloff's van had been swerving on the road. Roloff, who then failed a field sobriety test, was taken to Washington County Jail, where he was cited and released.

Source: TMZ.com

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Simple Life Gets Cancelled

Usmagazine.com has confirmed that Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton’s reality series The Simple Life will not be picked up next season by the E! network. A source at E! told Us that overexposure is to blame for the show's cancellation. "We felt like the real life drama of their lives overshadowed anything happening on the show. Viewers would see Paris all day long on the news about her going to jail, so they didn't care about seeing her camping with kids. It just was too played out,” according to a source. The source adds that Richie became increasingly difficult to work with last season. "Paris carried the show. She was the one willing to do anything. Nicole was the diva." According to The Insider, the show could get a second chance at life if another network decides to pick up the series (the show's first season debuted on the Fox network before later being picked up by E!). On Friday, Nicole was sentenced to four days in jail after pleading guilty to driving under the influence, her second DUI conviction since 2003. Paris served 23 days in jail last June for violating her probation on a reckless driving conviction.

Source: Usmagazine.com

Jenna Elfman Gives Birth To A Son

Actress Jenna Elfman and her husband Bodhi welcomed a baby boy, Story Elias, on July 23 in Los Angeles. The former Dharma & Greg star is doing fine, while Story – who weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. – is already a fan of "classical music, a clean diaper, mom's boobs and long naps," Elfman's publicist, Jenni Weinman, told PEOPLE, adding: "Story wants to give big props to his mom for all the hard work." This is the first child for the actress who played Dharma Finklestein Montgomery on the 1997-2002 ABC comedy and went on to star in the CBS sitcom Courting Alex, and Bodhi also an actor. The pair have been married since 1995.

Source: People.com

Stars Out And About

Britney Spears was busy Saturday. She visited ONE Sunset, The Peninsula Hotel and went house hunting with a realtor.

Catherine Zeta-Jones visited the Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday to promote her movie, No Reservations. I love the dress.

Eva Longoria minus her hubby, Tony Parker, visited the Chateau Marmont on Wednesday in West Hollywood.

Heidi Klum picked up cupcakes from Sprinkles in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Jennifer Aniston and best pal, Courteney Cox- Arquette spent some time on the beach in Malibu and are pictured with Jen's dog, Dolly.

Britney And Kevin Are Officially Divoriced!

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will officially divorce today. Britney’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, and K-Fed's mouthpiece, Mark Vincent Kaplan, walked into court -- final papers in hand -- to get a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to sign-off on the settlement, making the divorce final.TMZ.com was told Wasser will make a motion to keep the custody and spousal support orders secret. Here's what TMZ knows: K-Fed is pulling in 15K a month from Britney for child support. He's also getting 20 grand a month in spousal support, but that's based on the prenup, and it appears the alimony gravy train will come to a screeching halt in November.

As for custody, TMZ learned it will stay at 50/50. It is amazing that Britney is getting a 50/50 custody split given her craziness, which included wild partying, erratic behavior and a stint in rehab. This type of custody arrangement is typically reserved for a stable couple. But all is not over! TMZ says neither Brit nor Fed-Ex are happy with the custody arrangement, and either of them can go back to court and ask for a change. On top of that, Kevin won't even speak to Britney, so they will probably be back in court asking the judge to make decisions about child rearing. So that is end of Kevin and Britney, but not the end of custody problems I am sure.

Source: TMZ.com

Friday, July 27, 2007

Paris Puts House Up For Sale

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Paris Hilton has put her house on the market for a whopping $4,250,000. Paris purchased the house on N. Kings Road in West Hollywood in 2004 for a reported price of about $2,900,000, presumably with money she earned from The Simple Life. Paris is currently shacked up at an ocean front rental on Malibu Road inin Malibu of course. In the Wall Street Journal report, Paris’ aunt and unofficial spokesperson talked about how she wants to move to a gated community, or at least a house with a long driveway, that will provide her more privacy and security than her current house, which sits right up on the street. The Kings Road house was built with four bedrooms, but the report says that one of the bedrooms was converted to a large walk in closet and a second bedroom was converted to a security control room. My guess is that it is a safe room or a room with a lot of close circuit television monitors to watch the property. So Paris’ soon to be former neighbors can rejoyce that she will be leaving them to peace.

Source: http://realestalker.blogspot.com/

Here is an aerial shot of the home of N. Kings Road:

Two Celebrity Babies Arrive

According to Celebrity Baby Blog ‘Bachelorette' Trista Sutter gave birth to her and husband Ryan Sutter's first child last night around 8:30 pm via c-section. That was all the information they have at the moment. I am sure more will follow.
UPDATE: The couple had a boy named Maxwell Alston. He weighed 5 lbs, 3 oz, and was born four weeks early due to complications in the pregnancy (preeclampsia and gestational diabetes).

Actors Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber welcomed son Alexander Pete at 3:59 pm on Wednesday, July 25th. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 4 oz, and is 22.5 inches long. The name Alexander is believed to be in honor of Liev's grandfather, with whom he was close, and Pete is for Naomi's father, Peter.

Nicole Richie Sentenced To 4 Days In Jail

Nicole Richie pleaded guilty to DUI and was sentenced to four days in jail on Friday in a Glendale, California courthouse. She also agreed to serve a three-year probation term, and must enroll in an alcohol education program. She was also fined $2,048. During the hearing, Los Angeles County Commissioner Steven Lubell admonished Nicole, saying: "Someone could've gotten killed. You need to understand that driving under the influence is extremely dangerous." Nicole was given the option of serving her time in a paid city jail, which is seen as a cushier facility than a county jail. She was given no surrender date, but must complete her jail time before September 28.

Nicole, with her hair pulled back and wearing a loose-fitting black dress, showed up promptly at 8:30 a.m. (PST) for the hearing, arm-in-arm with her boyfriend, Joel Madden, who was also dressed in all black. Prosecutor Carolina Lugo said outside the courtroom that Nicole's reported (and unconfirmed) pregnancy had nothing to do with the plea deal. "That was not discussed and we have no information about that."

Nicole was arrested on December 11 after being spotted driving the wrong way on an Los Angeles freeway, Nicole failed a field sobriety test and admitted to police that she'd smoked marijuana and took Vicodin earlier that evening. She was en route from Madden's home at the time. She was previously convicted of a DUI in June 2003. Although California law states that repeat DUI offenders get minimum of three months in jail, the sentence is reduced to only four days if the person accepts a three-year probation term.

Source: People.com

First Promo Pic Of Spice Girls Reunion

Here is the first promo picture for the Spice Girls reunion. Can you say air brushed? How about photoshopped?

Source: Dlisted.com

Stars Out And About

Jennifer Garner looked lovely at the premiere for The Bourne Ultimatum Wednesday in Los Angeles. The film stars her hubby's best friend, Matt Damon.

Kate Hudson on the set of Glamour's Reel Moments Series in Los Angeles on Tuesday. She is working behind the camera this time.

Paris Hilton brought her new Chihuahua to the recording studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday. I can't believe is going to bother making another album.

Victoria "Posh" Beckham was spotted shopping at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills on Thursday. Looks like she is getting to know her new home.

New Pictures Of Dannielynn Birkhead

Larry Birkhead gave Entertainment Tonight the latest update on Dannielynn, 10 months, with cute photos. "Every day she does something new, and now she's sharing her bottle with me," Larry told MARK STEINES. "So if I say, 'Give daddy a drink,' she'll toss it over her shoulder. It's cool being a dad." Dannielynn is going to have her first birthday in September, and Larry said he's weighing his options for the special day. "I'm thinking big," he said. "Her mom called her princess, so [I'm thinking of doing] something kind of Disney princess, or Hello Kitty -- something real cool, so she can look back on it and say, 'What a cool party.'" As for any ladies in his life, Larry said there's only one girl for him right now. "The only lady in my life is my daughter, and she takes all my time, and that's all I need right now -- making up for lost time," he said. "We're just having fun together and hanging out."

Source: www.etonline.com

Check out these other cute ones:

Brit's Vegas Troubles

Britney Spears at it again taking the kids to Las Vegas without consent from soon-to-be ex, Kevin Federline. Brit joined by her brother Bryan, flew in a private plane to Sin City on Wednesday afternoon with kids Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months. No word exactly, on why Britney is there, but sources told PEOPLE she went to dinner at the Country Club at the Wynn Las Vegas. She also made special arrangements to have her hotel room childproofed for the visit. The trip could also pose some problems for any custody battle Kevin: Under California law, neither parent is allowed to take a child out of state without written permission from the other – or by obtaining a court order. According to a source close to Kevin, Britney failed to notify her ex or his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, that she was taking the children to Las Vegas.

Source: People.com

UPDATE: According to many sources one of Britney's bodyguards got into it with a photographer and Sean Preston was hit in the process. Around the same time Kevin filed papers to make Britney bring the boys back to L.A. The picture below shows them heading back to L.A. after about 24 hours of being in Vegas.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stars Out And About: Celebrity Babies Edition

Nicole Kidman spent some time with her 4-month-old niece, Sybella, daughter of her sister, Antonia. They were out shopping at Jo Malone in Sydney, Austraila.

Gwen Stefani and her son, 14-month-old, Kingston were spotted in Mexico City on July 19th.

Katie Holmes and daughter, Suri, 14 months at David Beckham's first game with the L.A. Galaxy. Suri looks to still be on the bottle.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Country Star In Trouble Again...

Police in Tennessee are on the were lookout for a former country singer with a huge gash on her face, after a warrant was issued for her arrest earlier today. Cops told TMZ.com that Mindy McCready violated her probation when she was arrested in Florida on charges of battery and resisting arrest, after allegedly getting into it with her mom ... and then cops. Mindy was sentenced to probation in 2004 after being convicted on a prescription drug fraud charge. In the order, filed in Williamson County, Tenn. in November of 2004, Mindy was ordered to serve three years probation -- meaning she only had a few months left to go. TMZ later confirmed that Mindy is now in police custody. She was arrested at the Nashville International Airport after she got off a Southwest Airlines flight. Mindy is best known for the hits she had on her debut album, Ten Thousand Angels released in 1996. The hits include the title track, Guys Do It All the Time, Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do) and Maybe He'll Notice Her Now. Her follow up albums did not do well and ever gave her any more hits. Mindy ended a year long engagement to actor Dean Cain of Lois and Clark fame. In the last Since mid-2004 Mindy has been in and out of the news for what she has done in court not her music. She gave birth to a son, Zander in early 2006. Let’s hope for her Zander’s sake she gets things straightened out.

Source: TMZ.com

If you are not sure if you remember Mindy here is a photo from her 1996 album:

The Beckham's Welcome Bash

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their pals had few inhibitions at the July 22 “Welcome to America” party the couple threw for Victoria and David Beckham in L.A. Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith also took part in hosting the party. Guests included Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Eva Longoria and Brooke Shields, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. Us Weekly reports in its new issue, the real showstopper of the night came when the DJ played “Old Time Rock & Roll,” prompting Cruise to re-enact his famous scene from Risky Business. At one point, he got on his back and kicked his legs in the air, just like in the movie! And it looks like Katie got in on the dancing too.

Source: Usmagazine.com

The Truth About The Girls Next Door

So do Bridget and Kendra have sex with Hef too? On the show it doesn’t look like they do because all we see are little kisses on the cheeks. We don’t even see any make out sessions, but Bridget is insisting that Hef does it with all three of them. Also, it’s no surprise that Hugh’s main chick , Holly Madison wants to have a baby with Hef really badly. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen until the other two are out and their show is done. Bridget told the NY Daily News that Holly "does want to have Hef's babies, but I think she wants to wait until we're done shooting [The Girls Next Door reality show], and Kendra and I aren't there anymore. She wants to have a normal environment."

When asked about the rumors that Holly is pregnant because she hasn’t been drinking, Bridget responded, "Oh, that's not true!" "Holly got wasted in Monte Carlo! We had a giant margarita glass in the middle of our table full of four bottles of booze, and we were all drinking." So what did we learn today? Holly wants Bridget and Kendra out and they both know it, Hef has sex with all three of them but doesn’t want to have kids with Holly, and Holly isn’t pregnant. And that is the way it stands for now.

Source: Hollyscoop.com

Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again

In the wake of her arrest for DUI and possession of cocaine early Tuesday morning, Lindsay Lohan offered a swift and simple explanation: "I am innocent." TV's Access Hollywood got the dish late Tuesday when they asked Linds if there was anything she wanted "to get out there" about the charges against her, Lindsay responded in an email to the show's Billy Bush, who had just spoken about her on CNN: "Yes. I am innocent ... did not do drugs they're not mine." Amid reports from police that they had received a 911 call from the mother of Lindsay's former personal assistant, saying that LaLohan was chasing her in an SUV, Lindsay also said in her email, "I was almost hit by my assistant Tarin's mom." Police found Lindsay and the woman in a "heated debate" in the parking lot of Santa Monica's Civic Auditorium at about 1:30 a.m., according to Santa Monica police Lt. Alex Padilla. Lindsay concluded her brief message with, "I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy." This was Lindsay's second drinking-related arrest in three months. Her attorney, Blair Berk, said that the actress – who had worn an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet since her July 13 release from 45 days in rehab – had suffered a relapse and is "presently receiving medical care."

Source: People.com

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The fight that split Brad and Angelina, Lindsay arrested again, Britney flips out.

Maddox pleads daddy don't go, Lindsay arrested, Body S.O.S.

Britney's meltdown, How Katie's love saved Tom, Kelly: How I keep my marriage hot, and a story on Johnny Depp that I can't make out on all of the photos. (Sorry)

Pregnant Nicole and Joel: The big blow up, Valerie Bertinelli: Diet disaster, Lindsay busted again, Jessica Simpson secret lipo.

Hollywood's sexy dads (Jason Priestly, Brad Pitt and Jeff Gordon are on the cover), Nicole (Richie) her life in hiding, LC's body make over.

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