Monday, June 25, 2007

Wrestling Has Lost A Legend

WWE superstar Chris Benoit, 40, his wife Nancy and young son were found dead in their Atlanta home early this afternoon, this according to No further details regarding the tragedy have been released. Benoit was scheduled to appear at a pay-per-view event last night ... WWE said that there was a "family emergency" that prevented him from being there. Benoit, a former World Heavyweight Champ, wreaked havoc with his signature move, the "Crippler Crossface." The incident comes on the heels of the shocking death of former WWE wrestler "Sensational" Sherri Martel, and the supposed "assassination" of WWE head honcho Vince McMahon. TMZ has learned that the WWE is scrapping all references to the McMahon death storyline on tonight's episode of "Raw.' According to the official WWE website, tonight's "Raw" will serve as a tribute to the wrestling great. Police are investigating the incident.


I was a wrestling fan during high school and I sent him a letter. He replied with an autograph picture that was signed with a sweet message. I kept it even after I stopped watching and I will keep it close to my heart. What a sad event. With will miss you, Crippler!

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Anonymous said...

Chris Benoit was has been my favorite wrestler since I started watching it. It hurts me alot to know that he and his family are gone.