Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shar Jackson Talks About Pregnancy Rumors And More

Kevin Federline's baby mama gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly about the rumors surrounding her alleged pregnancy. She goes to talk about Kevin, Britney, and Lynne Spears. Here's some highlights...

How do you think the pregnancy rumor started?
Shar Jackson: Honestly, some people are just really unhappy that me and Kevin have a great friendship. Obviously some people can't handle that. Some people like to start stuff to make their little lives better.

So for the record, you are not pregnant?
SJ: Not at all. I am not pregnant. Have you seen my new stomach? Are you kidding me? I am not going to ruin that. That is so stupid. Not only is it stupid but it's unhealthy. I could die. So obviously the person who made this up isn't that bright. Let your readers know there is no way in hell I would waste $16,000 on a tummy tuck and get pregnant. I have no time and no plans to get pregnant any time soon. And when I say I have no time, I'm talking years. So whoever's hating should stop and focus on their own problems.

And you are not interested in getting back together with Kevin Federline?
SJ: No. I am single and I am loving that. But he is one of my best friends and that isn't going to change no matter what anyone says or does.

What do you think about Lynne and Britney Spears' possible reconciliation?
SJ: They need to work it out. They are mother and daughter. They need to talk already.

And you've become friends with Lynne?
SJ: Yes. You know what? She's a really nice lady... It was easy for us to get along once we met.

What do you think of Britney's state right now?
SJ: That's her journey and nothing will change until she wants it to. She doesn't think she has a problem so I don't see her changing anytime soon in my personal opinion. So it is what it is.


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