Monday, June 4, 2007

Lindsay's Mom Out To Be Famous Herself

Dina Lohan is about to get what she always wanted: her own TV show. Dina, who has ridden the coattails of her eldest daughter, Lindsay, for years trying to become famous. She is in talks to do a reality show with E! tentatively titled "Mom-ager," in which she'll try to turn her youngest children, Ali, 14, and Cody, 11, into stars. An insider fumed, "Can you believe that? She totally messed up Lindsay by making her a 'star' and living vicariously through her - and now she's going to do the same to the other two? How the [bleep] can E! do this? Those kids should be in school having normal lives, the life that Lindsay didn't get to have."

Dina, who refers to herself as "the white Oprah," has been trying for more than a year to get an on-air TV job. She most recently appeared on "Entertainment Tonight" to give the show "exclusives" with troubled Lindsay when she was in the Wonderland rehab center and at the "Georgia Rule" premiere. And while Dina is busy trying to make herself a star her daughter Lindsay is at the Promises rehab center in Malibu and "may stay for more than a month," a friend said. That might not sit well with the man claiming to be her lawyer, Mike Heller, who is promoting her 21st-birthday party in July at Pure. A Lindsay friend says, "Mike Heller claims he is her lawyer, but he is not. Blair Berk and Jason Sloane are. He arranged for this party at Pure and got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for it, and now won't call it off. A girl just out of rehab should not be hanging out at Pure." After all should a girl who is in rehab before 21 being having a big bash at a nightclub anyway.

So how is Lindsay doing in rehab… no word yet. Her mom is busy trying to make money off her two younger children while her oldest suffers the downfalls of stardom. Great mom, huh? And as for if Dina has visited her daughter at Promises, the only visited caught on camera was her bodyguard! Mama Lohan needs to back off getting famous and just be a mom.


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