Monday, June 11, 2007

Angelina Opens Up Again...

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Angelina Jolie opened up (once again) about her private life with her family.

Angelina even opened up about the death of her mother and how supportive Brad was to her during that trying time: “When my mother died Brad held her hand and helped me through all the stages of dealing with someone dying. After the funeral Brad brought everyone back to the house and asked questions about our mom. He focused on all the love and all the joy we were fortunate enough to have had. He is an extraordinary man.”

And an interview with Angelina wouldn’t be complete unless she mentioned her adorable children. Here is what she had to say about Pax: “Pax is a great kid. When we first met him we thought he was really shy but after two days at home we discovered he is the loudest member of the family,” laughs Angelina. We don’t know if it’s because he has freedom he’s never had before, but he’s doing great. I’m really proud of Pax. It’s obvious he is used to stronger discipline, so it’s hard to change, but we are learning and he’s doing very well. He is learning English and already speaks a little bit and the funniest thing was on my birthday on Monday to hear him saying ‘Happy Birthday, Mommy’ in the loudest, greatest, clearest voice. The kids were all screaming and singing. It was so much fun.”

Did you know that Angelina hired hired a Cambodian woman to visit the house to talk to Maddox and a Vietnamese woman to chat with Pax? And guess when she is planning to add more children to the house? Check this out: “They are both very focused in their language. I love that my boys are growing up to love their countries and to love each other, too. Pax and Maddox have really connected because they’re closer in age and are brothers so they have moments when they bond together against everybody else in the family. They are a really tough team and then they have moments when they bug each other. It’s quite normal and it’s nice. It’s never quiet in our house.

Travel will always remain an important part of their family, Angie says: “The four of them are a wild bunch. We’re never going to stop traveling. I think the greatest education I can give my kids, particularly as they are international children, is to keep them traveling. I think if they spend six months in Africa and come back to LA and then go to Asia for a few months we are showing them so much about the world and so much about understanding and tolerance and the beauty of other cultures.”

Lastly, the question that is on everyone’s mind… more children? She says: “We have a big family now and we’re trying to make sure they are all well adjusted first,” she says. “We will have more children, but now we’re still getting everyone together. We love having children and there are some kids we want to help through school and other kids involved in our lives as well. In our home it is about making sure everyone has individual time, and right now all four of them have daily, very special individual time and we never want to have so many children we can’t do that. When they get older and if it starts to feel like we can fit more in, that’s how we’re going to gauge how many we have.”

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