Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keith Urban Talks Marriage And Babies

Dispelling rumors that his wife Nicole Kidman is pregnant, Keith Urban says that one day he does hope to be a daddy. Asked by the UK's Sunday Times if he's looking forward to fatherhood, the country singer-songwriter says: "I am. Next year actually would be lovely." Right now the timing isn't ideal. Nicole is currently Down Under with costar Hugh Jackman, shooting the historical epic Australia for director Baz Luhrmann. Keith confesses that when he and his movie-star wife first met at a dinner in January 2005, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. But "there was something, a good connection. Something indefinable. There was a familiarity to her, of course, but it had nothing to do with who she is professionally.

As for how the marriage has changed him, he answers, "Oh God, in every way. I am more selfless and I am learning so much about myself from loving her. I am more comfortable with who I am because at the core I’m happy. It’s a beautiful journey." And a smooth one, at this point. Of his domestic routine, he says, "In Sydney with my wife, we have breakfast in the morning, then she's been working, and we'll have dinner in the evening. It's a beautiful place and it's nice not being beholden to a schedule." Does Nicole cook? "A little bit, yes," he says. "But I like being supportive and I've had a good chance to be that. It makes me happy. Having that contentedness now at home means that I actually love being home.”

Source: People.com

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