Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Check Out The Girls Next Door In Elle

Get to know The Girls Next Door who live with Hugh Hefner! In the latest issue of ELLE Magazine, Hugh describes his sex Mecca as merely nothing but a soft porn slumber party. It’s all about watching movies four times a week in the screening room and eating his special cookies HMH (the M stands for his middle name Marston). Although its all fun in the mansion, the girls know it can’t last forever. Holly is aware of an “expiration date”. Kendra says she feels like she’s on a “roller coaster.” She knows she wants kids and a husband “after I get Cut From Here,” but beyond that it all seems hazy. Holly also reveals about wanting to be the “only” girl for Hugh. “The only reason for three girlfriends….is the show….Or maybe,” she adds, lapsing into a tentative tone, “I need to believe that….” Holly, believe what you want, cause what your doing is probably working. The hit show on E! wouldn’t make it on air as Hef originally passed on the idea because he characterizes reality shows as “dumb and a waste of time”. To learn more and hear from Hef’s other girl, Bridget check out the magazine when it hits newsstands nationwide on May 15th.

Source: http://www.hollyscoop.com/

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Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends at the Renaissance Fair this weekend