Monday, May 7, 2007

Carrie Underwood Talks About High Expectations

Carrie Underwood is trying to put the success of her debut album aside while working on her sophomore release. Carrie told that the pressure to follow up the five million-selling phenomenon of Some Hearts is too great to dwell on and seems to be an unachievable goal. "I think right now there's actually a little more pressure. I think if I'd had two albums that were successful I would feel better about it. This one's done so well I think it's kind of impossible to achieve what we've achieved with this first one, so if I can do a third as well as I've done with the first one I'll be absolutely more than pleased," Carrie said. Carrie said, "I don't want to compare the two. I just want to go in and do the best job that I can and hopefully will stay on the right track and people might like it." There is no release date yet for Carrie's new album. Her latest single, "Wasted" is the fourth consecutive No. 1 hit for the former American Idol winner.


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