Thursday, May 3, 2007

Britney Takes The Stage Again Part 2

The 12-minute set at the Anaheim, Calif., House of Blues followed Britney Spears' return to the stage Tuesday night at the House of Blues in San Diego after a nearly three-year absence from live performing. Security was tighter in Anaheim, rumor is it took the crowd nearly two hours to get through the metal detectors. Guards seized cell phones in an apparent reaction to the flood of pictures and videos of the San Diego show on the Internet.

The lights dimmed on the stage just after 9:30pm, empty save for a single white chair. The crowd exploded into screams and applause as the four backup dancers appeared, two on each side, snaking their way across the stage. As the first strains of "... Baby One More Time" became recognizable, Britney appeared in a brown wig, white go-go boots, a white mini-skirt and a sparkling pink bikini top. Like the San Diego show, the set was a short medley of Spears's hits, with "I'm a Slave 4 U" following "Hit Me" and the crowd showering the pop star with shouts of approval each time she wiggled her hips. Britney chewed gum while she performed proving that she was lip-syncing.

The lights dimmed after the second song, going a soft red, with the back-up dancers exiting the stage and leaving Britney alone to strut slowly to the lone chair as "Breathe On Me" started. A brief interlude allowed Spears to change into a tiny denim skirt, a plain pink bra and a short, white fur coat. Her "Do Something" routine included some air guitar, a lot of the hands-on-hips hip thrusts and a brief homage to the running man dance move.

Spears dropped her fur coat to the floor for the final song, "Toxic," and smiled as she mouthed the words. The crowd once again roared its approval when she and her dancers dropped to all fours and crawled in formation down the stage. Spears then popped up to her knees and posed with her dancers around her as the song and the lights came to a simultaneous and abrupt end.

As the lights came back up and the crowd showered her with adoration, she blew kisses with both hands and said, "Thank you so much. These are my dancers," before skipping offstage. The first show in San Diego, Britney did not speak to the crowd at all. Britney has a few more shows scheduled.


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