Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You tell me...

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter was named Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern on her birth certificate. Do you think now that Larry Birkhead has been proven to be her biological daddy that should change?

Dannielynn's first name should remain the same because at the age of 7 months she should know that is her name. I also beleive that her middle name Hope should remain as well. That is the middle name Anna gave her.

Now on to the more complicated part... The baby's third name is Marshall. That is the last name of Anna's late husband, J. Howard Marshall. What some people do not know is that was Anna Nicole's legal last name. (Background: Anna's real name is Vickie Lynn Marshall. She has legally had that name since marrying Marshall in the mid-1990's. The name Smith is from her first husband who she divorced in 1989. The name Anna Nicole was not her legal name... she was still Vickie Lynn.) So that is Anna's last name and should remain in the baby's name.

The name Stern, however, has now has no connection to Dannielynn so that should be replaced with Larry's last name Birkhead on her birth certificate.

Please tell me what you think on the subject.

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