Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tom Upsets Wife Katie Once Again

Katie Holmes has been attached to Tom Cruise's side since they began dating in April 2005. Still the relationship hasn't been perfect. According to one Hollywood insider, the actress, who gave birth to daughter Suri last year, has been told by her husband to attend "mommy classes" taught by Scientologists. ("There are parenting classes," a Scientology source confirms.) "Katie was quite offended by that. Can you imagine when you're 28 and have your first child to be told you need to go to this church to become a better mom?," according to a source for US Weekly magazine.
Holmes now finds herself surrounded by fellow Scientologists (an exception is Victoria Beckham, who one Hollywood insider describes as "a link to the outside world"). From the time Holmes and Cruise began dating, has been assigned a Scientology "minder," whose job, according to a Scientology expert, is "to make sure that nothing is said or done that would be critical of the church."
In fact, virtually everyone on the couple's staff is a Scientologist. The source told Us, "Everyone who works with Tom is technically minding Katie."
With all these down falls to being Mrs. Tom Cruise some wonder why Katie would stay. Nicole Kidman made it over a decade before it was too much to handle. Is Katie staying because she is a afraid he daughter, Suri will be taken away from her the way Nicole's were. (Nicole and Tom reportedly have joint custody of the two kids, but they live with Tom year round.) So is she staying for Suri? Or is it the money? Who knows. Check out US and find out.


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