Thursday, April 12, 2007

Meredith Vieira Tells The Al Sharpton What She Thinks

Meredith Vieira turned the tables on Rev. Al Sharpton this morning on Today! The co-host blasted him for not doing enough to stop black rappers from using words like "ho" and "b**ch" in their lyrics while excoriating Don Imus for doing so. You tell him girl! Sharpton was on the Today show this morning to react to Imus' firing by MSNBC, and the Rev. repeated his contention that Imus' place on the "public" airwaves made him responsible -- and ultimately culpable -- for his "nappy-headed hos" remark. Vieira then challenged Sharpton, demanding to know why he didn't hold hip-hop and rap artists more responsible for "spreading the message" of demeaning and abusive language, and accusing Sharpton of perpetuating a "double standard." The Rev. explained that his organization, National Action Network, was working to get more rappers with "positive messages" onto the airwaves, but acknowledged that those rappers weren't getting exposure.


Finally someone said what I have wanted to for years. Why the double standard on this stuff. Get over it people. Imus said it and said sorry. It's over! Find something else to bitch about. Yes, I said bitch. Get over that too!


mia said...

You have to read two columns concerning the Imus situation

Wait til you read the opening quotes, the author hits it right on the money:

and this one

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