Monday, April 23, 2007

Katie And Peter On E!

Did anyone else watch this show over the weekend. I have learned from a few message boards that the show aired on E! was from two years ago. The couple has since married (as seen in the picture attached), had one son and are expecting another baby. I have to say Katie (aka Jordan) is one of the most whiny ass people I have ever seen. She complained about everything it seemed. Peter is not much better, but I can say he gives me less of a desire to bash in the television set. I can't imagine her the mother of three kids (when the new one arrives). Insane! Oh, yeah... she also has a son from a previous relationship. I am so glad I used DVR and could fast forward through her some. Oh and can you say tackiest wedding picture ever! It looks like an eight-year-olds Barbie birthday party! Anyone else have thoughts about it?

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