Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Death Threat For Knut

Polar bear cub Knut has been through a lot in his short life. First he was abandoned by his mother, his brother died and animal rights people said he should have been put down. Now he received a death threat! The zoo where the little guy is being raised in Germany received a fax saying, "Knut is dead! Thursday midday." The deadline came and went. The police said, "They told us prominent figures often have things like this happen but in this instance we need not be too worried."

Still the zoo put in extra protection for the little bear. The zoo had 12 people in orange jackets patrolling the area around Knut's enclosure on Thursday. The cub had no idea his life could have been endanger and spent the last hour before the death threat warning expired playing with his handler. The cub, who now has his own brand, has been raised humans his whole life. The cub's mother rejected him and his brother, who died. Some animal rights campaigners said he should be put down. The zoo said that would never happen. The zoo might move him in a year or so when it is time to breed. Till then the little one will safe at the only home he has ever known.

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