Sunday, April 15, 2007

Britney And Kevin Updates

It turns out that Britney Spears may have some fears to face now that her divorce to Kevin Federline is done. Kevin has been spending more and more time with his ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson. Spears stole Kevin from Shar in 2004 when Shar was 7 months pregnant with the couple's second child. According to an In Touch Weekly source, “Shar was always there for Kevin. When things were really bad with Britney, she was a rock for him." A friend Kevin’s said, “Shar was his first love — plus, he’s been saying how hot she looks,” since she had plastic surgery last year. According to the magazine “friends say it’s just a matter of time” until the two former lovebirds are reunited. Britney has never liked Shar and it was reported in many places that Britney was not happy that Shar helped Kevin take care of the couple's sons. Britney has always tried to keep Kevin and Shar apart, but when she was in rehab the former couple teamed up to care for Sean Preston, 18 months and Jayden James, 6 months. So will their be a "new" couple follow soon in Hollywood, will see.

As for Britney she has another relationship that seems to be having problems. Britney has been having a hard time dealing with her manager Larry Rudolph. Sources for US Weekly say that Britney felt like Larry pushed her into rebab. “There is tension. He’s been trying to get her to get help, and she doesn’t feel she needs it," according to the magazine's source. Another source says, “She only wants people around her whom she trusts as she works towards her comeback.” So will Larry and Britney break ties again like they did in 2004? Who knows with Britney these days!


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