Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol Ratings Are Going Down

The numbers are down for last night's episode of American Idol. 26 million people tuned in last night to watch Jennifer Lopez coach the contestants, according to Marc Berman from The Programming Insider. That is almost a million less than last week. The big differece is that this time last year there were four million watching. And if that weren't shock enough the ratings are 11 million less than the January premiere. Of course, the show is still doing well and is still in the top 10 in ratings, but you have to admit last nights show and having J.Lo. did not help matters.


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lacochran said...

I felt sorry for J.Lo. She looked like she was stuck teaching a summer camp singing workshop. This season's crop is pleasant but dull, dull, dull. No personality.

And yet I watch. Every week I watch. This must be a hypnotizing trick of CocaCola's.

-lacochran (