Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol Country Week

Jordin Sparks had one of her best performances ever! I also loved Melina Doolittle and Phil Stacey surprised me by finding his style! Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson did not do wonderful, but not too bad. LaKisha Jones had a hard time, but I expected that... she has never really listened to country music as she said in People magazine. It was not her best, but alright.

Now on to Sanjaya... that was the worst singing I have ever heard this far into an Idol year. He sounded like it was Hollywood week. I had to mute it half way through! The joke is getting old and it is making this show less enjoyable for the people who like taking it seriously and want to find good performers and vocalists. I know that I can't be mad at Sanjaya, but I am so sick of him that I have started using DVR and watching the shows back that way so I can fast forward through him. People don't vote for him. It is no longer cute!

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