Monday, March 19, 2007

We Are Closer To Knowing Who's The Daddy

Larry Birkhead made it through is first court appearance without attorney, Debra Opri by his side. And it might have been his best hearing yet. The hearing Friday ordered a DNA test to prove who Dannielynn's father is. Larry Birkhead wants the courts to know what he says he has known all along... that he is Dannielynn's father. "It's just when will the court know. [The court will know] sooner than later. What seems like has taken months and months in California is basically going pretty quickly here in the Bahamas." Larry went on to tell Access Hollywood, "I feel good about that. I think good things are coming pretty soon. April will be like the greatest month of my life, I'm hoping." Larry will return to court Tuesday. The judge will choose a DNA expert to carry out the test and comfirm the results. Howard K. Stern was not present in court on Friday.


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