Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vince Gill Could Play All Night

Vince Gill would probably have the longest concerts if he could. The Oklahoma born entertainer said, "It's so much fun. I've had so many years of playing gigs where you could only play a certain length of time. I've always played long shows when I've had the opportunity to get to play. I was one that never believed leaving them wanting more was that great of an idea. Vince who is now on tour for his four disc album of all new material called These Days is performing three hour shows with a band of 17 to give you as much from the album as possible.

Vince told a newspaper out of Andover, Mass., ""I think the record made it easy to do this," he said. "There are times when all 17 of us play and times when four or five of us play and everything in between. So it's a lot of fun to bear down and work a little harder, do some work and rehearsing and stuff, which we don't usually do. My shows are usually pretty loose and kind of jam-oriented and that kind of thing. So this was fun for everybody to kind of tighten their belts a little bit on what they play."

Vince who is married to Christian-pop singer, Amy Grant has been performing since the early 1980's. He hit the big time in 1992 with "When I Call Your Name." The couple has one daughter, Corrina born in 2001. Vince also has one daughter from a previous marriage to Sweethearts of the Rodeo member, Janis Oliver Cummings, named Jenny who was born in 1982. Check out Vince's new album it is full of songs that will be classics! And if you get to see him on tour you not be disappointed he is a true talent.


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