Friday, March 9, 2007

The Top 12 Idol Finalists

They are:
Gina Glocksen
Haley Scarnato
Blake Lewis
Brandon Rogers
Jordin Sparks
Lakisha Jones
Chris Richardson
Chris Sligh
Melinda Doolittle
Stephanie Edwards
Phil Stacey
Sanjaya Malakar

I admit my Top 5 favorites are:
5. Phil Stacy- One bad night out of 3 is better than the rest of the guys.
4. Jordin Sparks- She is very young and with some training I think she could really have a fabulous voice.
3. Stephanie Edwards- Her best night was the first, but her only real downfall is poor song choice.
For 1 and 2 I had a hard choice to make because there are 2 I like equally, but...
2. LaKisha Jones- This girl can put it down. She is amazing.
1. Melinda Doolittle- She has a special quality in her voice and personality that makes her a star. She will go far.

I am thrilled to not have to watch Antonella Barba again, but I am very sad that I have to sit though another performance by Sanjaya Malakar. He is gay and he just needs to come out... the hair just gives him away.

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