Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paternity of Dannielynn On Hold

Howard K. Stern has filed an appeal in the paternity battle over Dannielynn, according to Entertainment Tonight. TMZ posted that, "The appeal will absolutely delay the reveal of DNA results, but for how long is unknown." Enterainment Tonight say, "Test results typically take three to five days. However, there is a gag order in effect in this case that will keep the identity of the father confidential until at least April 3rd, when the next meeting in the paternity case is scheduled to take place. The date was set to allow Stern time to appeal." This all comes on the heals of Dannielynn and possible baby daddy, Larry Birkhead taking DNA test last week.


Is it just me or is this getting more complicated than a soap opera?! Something like this happened on Dallas in the early 1980's. Sue Ellen didn't know if JR was the daddy of John Ross or her lover Cliff Barnes. And that whole thing was resolved quicker than this!

And you know Howard must not be the daddy or he wouldn't drag this crap out longer. He's just trapped and knows that kid is not his. Give her up creep!

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