Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Infromation On Anna Nicole's Death

Fox news anchor, Greta Van Susteren obtained documents from the office of Dr. Joshua Perper who performed Anna's autopsy. The 11 drugs in Anna's system were not prescribed to Anna, but to other people. Eight of the drugs were prescribed to Anna's compainion, Howard K. Stern, 2 were prescribed to Alex Katz and one was for Anna's personal shrink, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich. The idenity of Alex Katz is unknown. It is clear that Anna's shrink wrote all of the prescriptions. One big question that remains unanswered is the fact that the drug, chloral hydrate (one that was in Stern's name) was located in a bag in the hotel room. If Anna was as week as everyone said (too weak to use the bathroom on her own) how did she get the drug. When Van Susteren asked Dr. Perper about this he said he asked Stern, Eroshevich and the bodyguard if they gave her the drugs and they said they did not. Dr. Perper did say it was a bad idea for Anna to take sedatives since she was already so weak. And lastly, Dr. Perper said that if anyone else gave her the drugs, "It's not wise for sure, but it's not homicide."


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