Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Katie Holmes' Prison

The wedding of the decade took place only five months ago, but Tom Cruise, 44 and Katie Holmes, 28 already have a troubled relationship. The main cause: Tom’s controlling ways. Katie has left her old life behind and stepped into the world that is much like slavery. And the master, her husband, Tom. She spends time with his friends, has became super step mom and the perfect wife.

Katie is finally going to make her first movie in two years, but won’t be far from Tom’s watchful eye. The shooting for Mad Money, in which Katie will co-star with Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton, starts filming in April in Louisiana and it looks like Tom will be there too. Cruise’s rep says, “Like any parent, he does not want to spend a large amount of time away from his children.” So why deal with this? According to US Weekly, Tom’s 67 million dollar fortune. With Tom she lives in fabulous homes, shops till she drops, she is chauffeured, has private jets and wears the best clothes.

Still, Katie’s home life is far from a typical newlywed. She lives with Tom, their daughter, Suri, 11 months and his two children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, Isabella, 14 and Connor 12. So kids are part of the deal. That is not too bad, but what about the fact his mother, Mary Lee South, 70 and his sister, Cass and Cass’ two sons also live with the couple. That adds four people who normally would not live in the home of newlyweds. This also means that Tom has extra eyes to make sure Katie raises Suri as correctly in his eyes and that she continues her Scientology teachings. (Cass teaches the older children Scientology and home schools them.) Katie reportedly under went a purification process recently because Tom felt she was drifting from her teachings.

So will the Cruise marriage last? That is a big question. The only way it will end is if Katie gets out of Tom’s spell. And is that possible. Well, they only time she is photographed out in public without Tom is when she shops for clothes and shoes. So unless she can break away more she will remain in the prison.

Sources: In Touch Weekly/ US Weekly

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