Saturday, March 24, 2007

Denise Richards And Pamela Anderson Get Sued

Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson got sued today by two photographers who are claiming that an alledged violent incident has caused them to have nightmares. The lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court filed by Scott Cossman and Rik Fedyck say that Richards went into a violent rage when she saw them taking her picture on the set of "Blond and Blonder" which was shot in Canada in late 2006. The suits says Richards "launched into a verbal tirade and a physical assult that lasted 20 minutes.
They incident took place at River Rock Casino Resort and they say was caught on hotel security cameras. They said Richards called them blank (I won't print it) about 12-15 times. Then Richards "snatched their laptop computers from their hands, and threw them over the [hotel] balcony." And it has been reported that one computer struck someone. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police decided not press any charges in the incident.
The suit also involves Pamela Anderson because they say she along with Richards told the Royal Canadian Mounted Police falsely that the two photographers made threats towards Richards and engaged in other "criminal activity". The photographers were arrested after the incident and held for three days. The two men are suing for assault, battery, defarmation, false arrest and a bunch of other crap. No amount was named in the lawsuit.

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A couple personal throughts: These photogs can't defend themselves againist Denise Richards?! They couldn't hold onto their computers, but they knew the attack lasted 20 minutes and how many times she called them names. Talk about some lame balls missing men! Learn to defend yourselves losers and don't bring the law into it. What money hungry creeps!

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