Friday, March 30, 2007

Ashlee Simpson Likes Sister Jessica's Beau

John Mayer, 29 and Jessica Simpson, 26 have been together for eight months and John has passed his first test of saying around. Jessica sister, Ashlee, 22 likes him! A friend of Simpson's tells People, "Ashlee loves John, she thinks he's great for her. More importantly, Jess is happy." Another Simpson friend said, "John seems very smitten." The two love birds just returned from a trip to Rome and have continued the romance in Los Angeles. They kiss over lunch, nuzzle at a James Morrison concert and wall hand-in-hand everywhere.
This romance is very different from Jessica's romance with ex-husband, Nick Lachey. "When she was with Nick, she was really under her family's thumb. This is a relationship that is all hers." Jessica's friend, Christina Milian said, "Clearly this is a relationship that's not for the cameras. It's not about celebrity. It seems like they truly have an attaction to each other, and they're both clearly very talented as well." Jessica's three year marriage to Nick Lachey ended with a seperation in November 2005 and the divorce was finalized in June of 2006. Nick has moved on with Entertainment Tonight's Vanessa Minnillo.


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