Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anna Nicole Case Heats Up With Computer got the exclusive on some new Anna Nicole Smith news. They were told that the police from the Bahamas and Florida met over the weekend about the computer Anna had in her hotel room when she died. The computer they talked about was the laptop that Anna used regularly. The wife of Anna's bodyguard was using the computer before 911 was called. Anna used the computer to contact doctors back in the United States. They also say she kept copies of prescriptions and air bills for priscriptions in computer files.
Dr. Joshua Perper asked many people about Anna's drug use and one of the drugs he asked about was injectible Demerol and whether Anna used swabbed alcohol on her skin before taking the drug. The computer may be the link between two investigations: Anna's in Florida and her son, Daniel's in the Bahamas. Also, on a side note: TMZ learned that a cop from Nassau checked into the Hard Rock hotel where Anna died yesterday.

So the Anna Nicole saga continues and gets weirder and weirder....

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