Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Do You Think?

In the case of Anna Nicole, Howard K. Stern has said that she was taking many prescription drugs for depression. (Nothing to weird about that.) But, he revealed in court that she was also taking the drug Topamax. It is given for migraine headaches. But I also know that it can be used illegally as a diet pill. Anna slimmed down quickly after having Dannielynn. Much quicker than when she used Trimspa. Do you think she could have used the drug for something other than the intended use. This is just a thought with the weight loss stuff in Hollywood and Anna losing weight so quickly. Any thoughts?

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Pammy said...

Hi Mrs. Ewing! Love this blog!

I think anything's possible when it comes to Anna and drugs. It was clear that she was doped every time you saw her. No doubt she used something to help kick the baby weight because it looks like she had some plastic surgery on her face, too.