Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some Stars Out and About

Angelina Jolie finally has a smile on her face. A little less than a month since her mother died and Angie has been having a hard time according to sources. The fun of Mardi Gras out side the doors of her New Orleans home and some time with daughter, Zahara was able to bring that smile back. Zahara, 2 seemed to enjoy the fun from their balcony.

Denise Richards took some time to model in the Gereral Motors Fashion Show on February 20th. She looked lovely.

The Girls Next Door are back on E! Network in March with the third season of their hit show. Kendra, Bridget and Holly along with their top guy Hugh Hefner enjoyed Fight Night at the Playboy Mansion. I love Bridget in her pink bunny suit and Holly looks hot in the black bunny suit.

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