Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Howard K. Stern Was Living Off Of Anna Nicole

Howard K. Stern revealed in court Wednesday that he was financially dependent on Anna Nicole Smith. He revealed this during his time on the stand in the custody case for Anna's five month old daughter, Dannielynn Hope. Stern said he has had no income outside of Anna since he started working for her exclusively in 2002. Stern also said on the stand that he has NOT recieved any money since Anna's death on February 8th from the media. Howard's parents are supporting him now. The retired couple is paying for his lawyers in the case.

The judge in the case, Larry Seidlin said that he is very impressed with the other man who wants Dannielynn... Larry Birkhead. Larry is a photographer who dated Anna and has claimed to be Dannielynn's father from the beginning. (Howard did not claim to be the father till after her birth.) Anna's mother Virgie Arthur is also siding with Larry. (As am I at this time.)

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