Monday, February 26, 2007

Holly and Hef to marry?

Rumors are running wild that Hugh Hefner, 80 and Holly Madison, 27 are going to marry at the end of the year. The two star on the reality show, The Girls Next Door on E! They star with his other girlfriends, Bridget and Kendra. Some believe that Bridget and Kendra are only for the show. Holly has been considered the main girlfriend for the last five years and shares are bedroom with the founder of Playboy magazine. Rumors are also going strong with the couple having a baby in the near future which is something that Holly has made clear she would like to see happen. Hef is still married to his second wife who lives next to the Playboy mansion and would have to start divorce proceedings soon if the couple is going to marry by the end of the year like many believe. A new season of the show starring Hef and Holly will premiere on E! March 4th at 10pm eastern time. It was filmed in late 2006.

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