Friday, February 2, 2007

Dina Lohan At It Again

Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan is at it again. Dina has told the press to leave Lindsay alone during her time in rehab and then had Entertainment Tonight travel with her from New York to Los Angeles to visit Lindsay. Dina brought media right to where Lindsay is suppose to be getting treatment.

Fame hungery Dina told the show, "Well, it is obvious they fabricate [stories}, they make it up. It's not even true and that's the hurtful part. Someone has to stop the madness and the lies." Dina explained why she had the cameras follow her (which I believe is a total load of crap). She says, "I'm doing this now because when she finishes up the program, they're just going to be following her to see if she messes up. It's just a horrible thing. and someone's going to get seriously hurt." Dina also said that she is going to get Lindsay away from the "sketchy people" she spends time with.

My Personal Thoughts On This:
How is Dina going to do that when it is Dina and Lindsay's father, who is in jail, that are sketchy! This is a sad thing to see. Dina is the reason her daughter is in rehab. Dina is a partying, fame whore. She is the worst kind of stage mother I have ever seen. Dina help your daughter and go into rehab yourself and maybe you will save Lindsay's little siblings from turing out like Lindsay.

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