Friday, February 9, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith UPDATE 2

The image with this post is of Anna and Howard K. Stern just a few days before her death. She looks lovely and healthy.

There is an emergancy hearing in the case of Anna's daughter, Dannielynn. The hearing is to decide whether a court-ordered DNA sample can be taken from Anna's body to help determine who is the biological father of Dannielynn. The attorney for Larry Birkhead has requested that the hearing take place behind closed doors. It is expected to start around 9am before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider. Larry's attorney says her expect on DNA says that the sample must be obtained from Anna's body within 48 hours of her death. She also wanted to make it clear that Larry did not ask for the hearing. That he is devastated over the lost of "the love of his life and the mother of his child".

There is no word yet on how DNA will obtained from Dannielynn. She is still in the Bahamas under the care of Immigration Minister, Shane Gibson.

As for information surrounding Anna's death...

Howard was not at the hotel when Anna was found unresponsive. He arrived at the hospital seperate from Anna (who some say was dead before arrival). A spokeswoman for the hotel (Hard Rock Hotel and Casino) said that 5 people plus Anna checked in on Monday night. The group included Anna, Stern, a nurse, a boyguard and two unidentified people. They were suppose to leave today.

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