Thursday, February 8, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith dead at 39

Anna Nicole Smith died today in Hollywood, Florida at the age of 39. Anna died in her hotel room at the Hard Rock Casino. She was given CPR by a bodyguard at 1:45pm. The only person in the room with Anna was a nurse. No word as yet to why she had a personal nurse with her. Her partner, Howard K. Stern (they were not legal married) said that Anna had compained of a high fever the night before. She was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital at 2:49pm. (All times are eastern time.)

Her daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern is being cared for in the Bahamas by the mother of Shane Gibson a high ranked Bahamian official and close friend of Anna's. The is no word yet on whether this will cause problems in the paternity test of Anna's daughter. (Two men say they are the father... Anna's partner and an ex-boyfriend.) An autopsy will be performed tomorrow and Anna's room at the Hard Rock is sealed off for more investigation.

(Sources People and TMZ)

Some pictures of Anna... I will try to add more later.

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