Sunday, January 28, 2007

Katie Holmes New Role and A Spice Girl Expecting

Katie Holmes has excepted her first role since she started her relationship with Tom Cruise in April 2005. She turned down almost two millon dollars to star in the next Batman movie (Dark Knight) and excepted Mad Money with Queen Latifah. Reportedly she will on get 250,000 dollars for the role. Katie's rep blamed scheduling conflicts for her choice to turn down the better role and that she would love to play a different character instead of playing the same character as she did in Batman Begins in the last Batman movie.

Baby Spice, Emma Burton, 31 is expecting her first child with boyfriend, Jade Jones, 27. The couple have been together for eight years and moved into a home north of London in 2005. No other information was given such as delivery date or sex of the baby.

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