Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The 60th Anniversary of Elizabeth Short's Murder

Elizabeth Short (known as The Black Dahlia was murdered 60 years ago yesterday. Her body was found on January 15, 1947. She was nude and cut in half at the waist. Along with with being cut in half her blood was also drained from her body and her face badly damaged. The pictures which can be found at www.bethshort.com/the-murder are very tough to view. (There are more details of other things done to the body, but too terrible for me to write here.)

Beth was not just a murder victim, she was someone's sister and daughter. She was born July 29, 1924 in Hyde Park, Massachusetts to Phoebe and Cleo Short. She was raised in near by Medford, Massachusetts with 4 sisters. She was also nicknamed Betty. Her father walked out on the family when she was five and she did not see him again till she was 19. She moved with Cleo to Vallejo, California because that was closer to her dream of Hollywood than Medford. It was not long before she and Cleo had a fight and she left. She drifted all over the US before setting in Miami where she met a service man she became in engaged to. He went off to fight in the war before they were married and did not return. His plan was shot down.

By January of 1947 Elizabeth had made her way back to Los Angeles and was at The Biltmore Hotel. After leaving in hotel she is never seen alive again. And the six days between than and when her body was found remain a mystery. Her body was found on Norton Avenue just passed 39th Street in a vacant lot. A mother walking her baby in a stroller came across the body in the Crenshaw district. (A home now stands on the lot.)

Beth Short is buried at Oakland's Mountain View Cemetery. Only six people attended her funeral. The gravemaker is simple. We rememeber her as the Black Dahlia, but to her loved ones she was just Elizabeth Short. Remember her now and remember the pain she faced all those years ago. Because sadly the chances of her killer ever facing justice are almost gone. Rest In Peace Elizabeth Short.

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Namowal said...

I'm glad I'm not the only blogger who remembered:
I thought the anniversary would get some publicity (at least in Los Angeles, where I live), but the day came and went.