Wednesday, December 6, 2006

TomKat, End of Jen and Vince and Sean P.

Did the end of Jen and Vince surprise anyone? After all this is the couple who would not admit they were a couple while they were together. How can you last in a relationship like that. Here is my favorite picture of the couple together not long after they started their secret relationship.

Now on to TomKat. It looks like their relationship is still going strong. US Weekly Magazine is reporting that the couple will have a second wedding ceremony less than a month after their first. The couple is set to wed again on December 9th at the home of Tom's producing partner located in Beverly Hills. Can anyone say Pamela and Kid Rock... let's hope.

And lastly... we remember Britney almost dropping Sean this past summer instead of dropping her glass of water. Well, it looks like Sean has not forgotten it either...

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