Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tom and Kate bring in more to cult and some small notes

The Church of Scientology may have taken in more members to the cult. Tom and Kate (Holmes) Cruise have brought the teachings of their "religion" to Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jim Carrey. Leah Remini has also helped with bringing in J-Lo. Jennifer and Leah have been friends. Leah says the churchs' teachings helped her get pregnant. Now Jennifer wants to use those teachings to become pregnant as well. But, with hubby Marc Anthony go for it. It is after all Catholic. So far there has been no proof of the couple taking classes or that new pal, Jim Carrey is either, but we can only wait and see. Other members of the "religion" are Kelly Preston and hubby, John Travolta, Priscilla Presley and daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, Kristie Alley and Issac Hayes.

Also in a side note on Tom and Kate. Some gossip blogs are now saying the pictures of Kate and Isabella Cruise shopping show a baby bump on Kate. I do not see it. Will just have to wait I guess.

There was one hot couple at the Dreamgirls Premiere on Monday night. Rebecca Gayheart (Vanished) and Eric Dane (Grey's Antomy) attended and looked hot!