Wednesday, December 27, 2006

End of the Year Blog 2 Favorite Pictures Part 2

Country Music Couples at Home. Vince Gill and Amy Grant at the Nashville, Tennesse home with music and family.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill had the biggest country tour of the year, but are down home during a visit to their home in Tenessee with Oprah.
The 2 tackiest weddings of the year. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock in the islands and Lisa Maire Presley and Michael Lockwood in Japan.

Now on to celebrity babies.
Shiloh Novuel Jolie-Pitt who's parents who left us wonderful when did they get together. The first picture and a recent one. Both beautiful.

Suri Cruise... Hollywood's mystery baby. She was hidden for months and now she is everywhere.Katie and Suri with her parents and half siblings, Isabella and Connor and Suri with mom, Katie.

The 2 Weddings of the Year!
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes the most expensive wedding of the year.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban the most beauiful wedding of the year.


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