Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Brit and Kevin continue to shock

Britney has shocked us recently partying hard with Mz. Hilton. She has also shown us her lack of love for underwear. On top of all this she backed out of great PR by not hosting the Billboard Music Awards. Some say Paris is bad for Britney (look to her past BFF's for the proof) while others say Brit is just spreading her wings.

Meanwhile Kevin is up to no good again. So as the limelight is starting to burn out now that the is Fed-Ex he looks to be trying to keep the press coming. He is doing interviews about anything and everything. According to Celebrity Nation Kev spoke with Extra and E! The Former dancer also spoke to some mags as well. Without a lack for interest from the public I say that these media outlets are wasting their time.

So heres to Britney lets hope her comeback is not distroyed by Mz. Hilton and one too many nights out and that Fed-Ex is gone as soon as he appeared.

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